Quality communication solutions for business, science  and technologies
Since 2007

Visual & Softworks Ltd. is a Lithuanian company with a network of talented visual professionals and software developers.
Lithuania is an East European country with a young, eager and hard working population in the IT industry. The country offers a very flexible working environment that is tightly with international trends in the field. We are ready to take on new challenges and offer our clients the best quality for low prices. 

Our company has a two layer organization, combining visual and technical arts with software development. 

VISUAL. Our visual and technological artists are at their best in creating high quality 3D and 2D visualizations, animations, printing layouts and stylish interface design. 

SOFTWORKS. We rely on a network of talented individuals. Our company offers our programmers a flexible project management system that enables us to use our resources wisely. We take care of our employees. We attract the very best professionals, most with a very long and diverse experience backgrounds.

A successful development process is a seamless partnership of the customer, end user and project management. That is the work philosophy we have tried and tested and grown to love. 

We invite you to learn more how our partnership can deliver you a high quality, personal and fully functional final product with competitive prices. 

Visual & Softworks Ltd.  

1) We work for and with our customers. 

2) We have a network of excellent partners in Lithuania and in Finland

3) We think! All the time.